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"Volcano Picture of the Week" was devised as a free platform for photographers to present their best volcano images. Every week a different volcano photo was provided, with photos of current volcanic eruptions mixed with older classic volcano images.

Sadly, the level of submissions of useable images was frequently insufficient to maintain the site, and the editors had to specifically find and request images to keep the site running. Due to other commitments, neither of the recent authors could keep running the site in this time-consuming manner. Therefor, the decision sadly had to be taken to close VPOW to new submissions.

The VPOW.org page will remain online so that the images provided can still be seen by the web community. There are many other sites on which volcano information and photos can be viewed. A list is provided in the "Links" section.

The personal website of the creator of VPOW, www.photovolcanica.com remains active.